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What is TIRA

What is TIRA?

TIRA is an online platform showcasing various furniture designs and interior fittings. Based in the United Arab Emirates, we display the best in American, European and Moroccan inspired furniture designs, alongside several others.

Our luxury collections are created by carefully-selected designers, local craftsmen and virtuoso upholsterers working side-by-side in our fabrication lab. TIRA features a wide range of traditional, modern and contemporary furniture designs and fittings suitable for all interior decorative work.

What set us apart

What set us apart?

TIRA is continuously sourcing efficient and innovative ways to install products. As a result, we deliver the highest quality at the least amount of time.

We continuously make an effort to discover the market’s everchanging material prices, and ensure to source our materials of highest quality, at the lowest price. All fabrication and pre-fabrication work is completed in our in-house facility, increasing our ability to effectively meet our deadlines.

How it works

How it works?

Tira offers 3 categories of products:

  1. 1. Off-The-Shelf – product is purchased as displayed
  2. 2. Off-The-Shelf, PLUS – product includes fabric and wood selections
  3. 3. Off-The-Market – product is customized in collaboration with client
Who is TIRA

Who is TIRA?

The name Tira is taken from a small village in Palestine, a country which the founder of this platform holds dear to her heart, and embodies a notion of flight. The aim is to fly the Tira name forward in time with the success of this creative platform.

Fly into the window and soar in the world of TIRA!